Any info or people who take antipsychotics and sing?

I got this email today - please reply if you can help this woman:



Would you know of any info or people who take antipsychotics and sing?

My drugs stop me so I’m looking for knowledge.

Thank you

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I sing and take AP’s. What exactly is this person asking?

Hello ,

I Am Naught A “singer” In Any Type Of Pop-ish Kind Of Way ,

Which Is Me Jus Saying , Sometymes , I Wish I Could Be “better” At It … ,

I Do Believe That Meds Have Thee Ability To Sorta Erase Creativity ,

e(Y)e Slightly Have To Push For An Hour Or So SInging Along With Songs In Order To Feel Happi With Where My Voice Is ,

I WIll Give You Two Examples Of Before and After Meds … You Have To Turn Thus One All Tha Way Up … ,

and On My Channel I Have Within Tha Last Couple Of Months Me Taking Meds Completely and Naught Fighting At All ,

I Am Currently Working On My Second Free Album Which May Sound Silly But It’s Something I Am Serious About ,

So Yes Tha Meds Can Erase Creativity If One Lets Such Occur and Tha Meds ALSO Have Thee Ability To Make It Seem Lyke You Don’t Sound As Cool As You Use To OR Would Lyke Too … ,

Hope Thus Helps (!!!)

Soz For Tha Double Post ,

But Don’t Let Tha Hinderance Of Creativity Fool You Into Thinking That You Are Done ,

I Once Lost My Voice Completely and Thot ,

" ■■■■ it since I don’t sound cool I will upload shazz to say to folks out there WE ALL CAN SING NOW !!! " ,

So Don’t Give Up On Yourself , Sometymes It Takes A Lil Fighting Throo Ones Own Self To Get Towards A Happier Self Reflection State …

(EDIT) ,

and Don’t Throw Tha Meds Away ,

I Tried That , It Jus Doesn’t Work ,

Tha World Jus Isnt Reddie ,

Jus Gotta Fight (!!!) ,

I think the question is basically " how do you manage to sing when you are on medications / antipsychotics? Have you had trouble singing when you are on your medications? Did some medications impact your singing ability more than others? Do you still feel like singing?

I think this is what she’s after…

I think it’s the negative symptoms that reduce singing. Mostly I sing when I’m happy. I used to sing also when I was deeply sad, but I have since forgotten my sad songs.

As far as voice quality goes, it was me screaming at football games that probably did my voice in. I sometimes sing with headphones on. The AP’s help me to feel emotions more and they must help me to express them as well.

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Medication has never affected the sound or tone of my voice…just the mood in which I sing I suppose.