Any hopeful recovery stories?

Im new to this recoverying from skitzaphernia bussisnes. Im out of hospital about 5 months im on 25ml of respirodol depot injection. The side effects are to much i barely talk and feel knumb i hate the seditation been a dark few months and doesnt seem to be getting any better I also still here voices … is this part of the process? … it would be great to get some hope and peoples expierences. Somedays I feel hopeless and my existence is pointless.

It can be rough until you find the right med. even then it can take a number of weeks on that med to get good results.

Im having a review soon think il be changing ; not sure what to yet.

I can only speak from my experience. I hated respiridone- the side effects where awful. Some people love it though. I am glad I tried a variety of meds before settling on what I am on now.

I just check respirodol but there is no such thing respirodol do you mean risperidone?if it s daily dosage is 25mg thats really too much man.i can understand you.hope you get better soon.

Yeeh respiradone apoligies for the spelling … thats what ive been put on its the lowest depot injection dosage apparrently … its feels like it.

Eat beef for the b vitamins or take a supplement and give up all sugar this helped me recover