Any Hope for Disorganized Schizophrenia?

Hi everyone,

I’m in hell right now. I was trying to watch the football today with my dad but I literally barely took any of it in - I wasn’t ‘all there’. I couldn’t concentrate on it for any more than a few seconds at a time, before just getting lost in other thoughts. I’ve spent the entirely day pretty much incapacitated by an inabilty to think straight, yet if someone speaks to me, I’m able to act ‘normal’ for those few seconds, even though it takes a monumental effort. It’s getting to the point where I’m spending minutes in a trance-like state and I’m not really focusing on what I’m doing.

I don’t experience any hallucinations or delusions whatsoever, so I’m guessing that if this is developing schizophrenia, it must be the disorganised type. What a horrible thought. It’s bizarre though, because I’m 100% aware and have full insight. I would hate the idea of being totally disorganized but aware of it underneath.

Anyway I have to start the Quetiapine - I have no other choice, but if I am about completely lose my mind, is there any hope for me?

Wish me luck - I feel like I’m almost approaching a crisis of some sort (I can barely function as it is), but I’m fully lucid so I’m just so confused about what is to come!

I wish you all well and I hope I’m still able to speak with you as this progresses.

After a month on meds my cognitive functions started to heal. I was having some disorganized reading and poverty of thought. After six months on meds now, I would say I’m 50% healed in this aspect. Things might get better if you take your meds for a while. Every day living is an uphill climb for me. I try to do at least one thing every day like bake cookies or go for a hike or watch a movie. This makes things easier to handle.

You don’t sound like someone with disorganized schizophrenia. That to me sounds like depression.
If you had disorganized schizophrenia you would not be able to put a sentence together nor would you be able to get your point across. Also you seem to have a lot of awareness prior to onset of your illness.
I think most people in the prodrome just think what’s happening to them is part of growing up. I know I did.
If you should happen to lose your mind you can get it back. The problem is the emotional damage that it does to your self esteem and confidence that can never be given back. Maybe with many years of recovery you can one day feel like you are part of the human race again. There are worse things but it isn’t good

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