Any good movies on amazon prime you would recommend?

last night I watched ‘mid 90’s’ I guess it was about a young boy who makes friends skateboarding. I guess it’s supposed to be from the 90’s era, not sure.

im open to suggestions. will probably watch a movie after the game tonight or before if the game is not competitive.

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I’m not sure if it is on Amazon prime but willow is a great movie


I choose ‘greenfingers’ a brittish film about inmates who get to start a garden, its kind of boring.

tomorrow I will search for willow to see if i can watch it.

i watched beyond belief fact or fiction and the outer limits on prime the other day. its not movies but they are tv episodes.

beyond belief shows 5 stories and some are based on true stories and the others are made up by the writers and you have to guess which ones are true or false then at the end of the show they tell you.

the outer limits is kinda like the twilight zone series.

then i also use to watch kung fu movies.

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I’m not sure if this is there either but I love this movie. A street cat named Bob.


I watched the movie, “Perfection”, the other day with a couple of friends. It was very good. It was about two beautiful, lesbian musicians. It was a very bizarre movie.

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I read the book. The book is wonderful.


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