Any financial experts out there?

looking for someone to explain mortgages to me and if i am able to get one, i heard that i would need 25% deposit at least to secure it but i doubt i’d get anything :confused:

You would need to talk to a loan officer about getting a mortgage, yes/no? 25% down payment and a steady income to pay off the mortgage for like 10-20 years. Are you planning to buy a home or apartment or something like that?

depends where you live.
you may be able to do a lower % but need a co-signer.

Once you give me your money, I’ll explain to you how they work.


I’ve bought three different houses over my lifetime. I know quite a bit about mortgages. Especially if you are a veteran. Ask me @asgoodasitgets.

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I’ve been doing some research but still not sure, i was looking for a special mortgage where i can buy to rent, 25% minimum deposit, i need to know if i need to have a job? i have a little bit of income but its mostly disability benefits and idk how it would affect that either lol.

my biggest hurdle is finding the deposit, i have about 5% so need to find 20% from somewhere, its so fricking complicated.

USDA gives no money down home loans to buy in a rural area.

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