Any fellow JumpStarters on this site?

JumpStart is a 12 week fellowship for men and women who want to pursue a career in social work. I was a part of a 2009 class. The only requirement is a bachelor’s degree and the program at that time was near Los Angeles at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. If you live in LA and have a degree, I would highly recommend looking into it. And if you live elsewhere, find a way into the program! I let the program director know up front I was not interested in becoming a social worker but rather I was there as a student to learn the subtleties of my illness and how it is treated. My class size was about 50 and I met some great people! The instructors were awesome as well. And the knowledge received all entirely relevant. Looks great on a resume as well, I am certificated as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist.

(for anonymity, last name cropped)


Well done Eugene … take care homie …!!!

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