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Any fans of weezer?


i got really into that song say it aint so when i was descending into psychosis. that song really gets me turnt up now even though the lyrics no longer hold a special message for me. i used to download their songs off itunes back in like 2010 or so, when i was just a kid. another feel good song i used to like was island in the sun. i don’t know how you can’t love this song.


I like Hashpipe


im listening to the sweater song right now


rivers cuomo has such charisma. great stuff


I think they’re a pretty cool band :slight_smile:

I only know their hits, from the blue album.

But I like what I’ve heard from them so far.


I loved Weezer for a little while,

Their Blue, Pink, and Green albums were awesome,

But the music and sentiment changed when they came out with the Make Believe album.

Haven’t listened to them much after that.

Plus, I dated this guy in a pretty popular band in college and when he got to meet them (and he loved them and was so excited) they were kinda jerks. Like condescending jerks, not just “get away from me fanboy” jerks.

It was disappointing.

So, I’ll listen to their old stuff, but its never the same,

My favorite Weezer song by far:


Feels like summer is my jam right now yo.


Blue album was amazing. I bought a cd when if first came out without hearing anything by them. Just bought it based on the cover…amazing album and a great band.


love this song


yes I like weezer…only have a handful of songs on my spotify library by them but they always hit the spot.


From my CD collection :+1::+1:


I listen to Nirvana Pandora radio and this comes on a lot