Any effective weight loss plan?

I put on weight every month and now my body mass is almost doubling my pre hospitalization weight (I was very thin by that time). I think it is the med that makes me gain a lot of weight. I’m not eating a lot. I don’t think there is much room for dieting. But i dont understand why im still gaining weight fast. Worst of all, I have severe foot pain I cannot stand or walk. If I walk for 30 min, I really feel like I’m walking on an open wound.

I dont want to keep expanding and i wonder if any of u have a suggestions on weight loss plans that work. I need to cut off 60 lbs and i dont think my foot can tolerate exercises to get rid of that amount of fats. Thank you.

Dear goggles. I experience a similar problem to you, I want to loose as many lbs as you want, but for me it’s not that that I don’t eat much, it’s that meds increase my appetite. I 'm sorry, I can’t help you on a weight loss plan, maybe you should go to the dietologist, many people try to loose weight when going there because they pay, it triggers them, but I should tell you, that, if your med doesn’t work for you and has this side effect, maybe you should talk to your doctor about it for a med change.

Walking. Staying up and out till around dinner. Good luck!

What about non-weight bearing exercise? Like swimming or bicycling.


i have been told that it is all about cardio, getting your heart rate up and working out, like i go to the gym almost every second day (i am trying for at least 2/3 times a week and in there i go on a variety of machines,

there’s the walking machine and the cycling as well as the one with the skies anyway these machines are great for cardio and burning of excess fat, i also like the rowing machine and punchbag,
my favourite is the punchbag though. but you can just go in at your leisure and use them,

i have a pay as you go account which i think is better for me and we get these electronic keys that record everything and is good for keeping track of your progress, it told ne i burned over 600 calories last time but i did more as the rower and punchbag are not recorded lol so about 800 calories i burned,

now all i have to do is sort out my diet, but i am getting there.


Or maybe a lower dose. It does make a difference appetite. For me anyway.

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Yeah, it does to me too.

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Very low carb diet has worked for me.

It is hard to lose weight because it means that we probably will have to give up our favorite junk foods and for people who are taking antidepressant medication why would we doing anything to make ourselves more depressed. I had to give up a lot of my favorite foods like potato salad. spaghetti, lasagna, chili, fried rice ,cookies, beer, wine, etc…,but I haven’t given up the sugary creamers for my coffee yet so unless I am fully committed I probably won’t reach my desired weight.

eat more beans, chicke peas mung beans borlotti beans and brown rice eat regularly small amounts drink enough water don’t eat sugar in tea or coffee drink hemp milk instead of cows milk.