Any Compliments Lately?

Better late then never lol! Yes, I absolutely love green beans and I’ve played around with a few recipes. We put bacon and garlic in as many things as possible down south. I still consider myself a southerner even though I live in New York now. I’ve only made eclairs and cream puffs once and it’s something I need to practice with more. If I do eclairs they will have to be unique ones such as lemon meringue, blood orange and things like that because they are pretty much the standard up here with a lot of Italian bakeries. Same with cannolis.

Yeah, no one at work bothered me all day.


anybody ever say 'thanks for coming, it was nice to meet you?

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i was told i have a breath taking hiney

no wait that was just me :hugs:


There’s new people all the time. I get along with most of them. Today I insulted a new woman soldier somehow. I don’t know what I did but I had my back to her as I vacuumed and I could hear her slamming her belongings behind me in her new office as I vacuumed it. When I was finished, I looked at her and she was looking at me very pissed off. I said, “Wow, you really look mad”

That seemed to placate her, and she looked friendlier. I think she must have thought I was ignoring her.

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it was probably that time of the month for her :rofl: maybe she needed some sweet talking lol

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No real compliments other than GOOD JOB!!! at work. And this guy thought I was Portuguese. I consider it a compliment!!

That’s better than a compliment IMO!

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