Any body using SoundCloud to post there work?


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I cancelled my subscription with Sound Cloud and now Sound Cloud is retaliating by not allowing me to post my work on their site. I’ve tried every avenue I can think of to post my videos and nothing works. They won’t respond to my emails. You are supposed to be able to post your work for free on their site. Sound Cloud is EVIL!

They began to think their services were worth paying for so that’s when I stopped using them

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I voice poems on Soundcloud

My latest track


Ur voice sounds like snoop dogg, do ppl say that to you a lot? But your flow reminds me of mos def.

Edit: snoop lion


I just tried to listen to a Sound Cloud song. It made me download the app, then wouldn’t play or do anything.

desktop’s better than mobile. desktop won’t let you download an app or program, except maybe Java or Flash that are both essential and are probably already installed.

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Nobody’s ever said i sound like snoop.

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