Any blacks?

Where’s the melanins ? I haven’t seen any on here

I’m a sympathizer. What do you have to say to me?

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I’ve read from a few people elsewhere that black people in general are a lot more reluctant, like culturally, to seek out psychiatric help due to some of psychiatry’s evil parts in its history, including racist and eugenics type stuff. Do you think that is true, @haete? As far as black people being more wary of psychiatry and getting less help? I’ve sometimes wondered if that is why they seem under-represented in a lot of online peer support communities and whatnot for mental health. If that’s true, hopefully it will change as psychiatry cleans up its act, and as more black people get into the field of psych medicine professionally.


Blacks have schizophrenia as well as whites.

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I’ve come across a few blacks on these sites, but I didn’t know they were black for a while because they didn’t mention it. You’re perfectly welcome here.


I’m as white as rice, but have no problem with blacks. Actually have one nephew who is black as my cousin married a guy from the Dominican Republic who has skin so dark he sucks up all the light in whatever room he is in. They’re both good people and it’s nice to be introducing some variety to the family.


Very happy to have you posting here and hoping that the race/colour thing isn’t an issue.



You’re good in my books

I do agree. Especially when factors come into play. My grandmother is sz, my ex was sz (or just …idk) my brother calls himself a moon child so I let him run with it. On a few occasions maybe three times, I have heard from a associate that a family member committed suicide. ( from Satan telling them) . They always mention how the sz was researching stuff about the illuminati and the third eye and how music kinda took over…


So you saying he’s so black he absorbs all the light :smile: . I know he must be a astral projection legend

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He’s so black that it makes family pictures in sunlight kind of challenging. Digital cameras have trouble with that kind of contrast – he either comes out too black or the rest of the family looks like they’ve been bleached! Take a bit of Photoshop work to make everyone look normal.




Wow same here. My great grandfather heard evil voices, and it lead to him committing suicide while he was on the job working construction. My family tree never sought out help because they were too hyper-religious and thought everything was a Satanic conspiracy (including psychiatry). Goes to show schizophrenia doesn’t give a damn about someone’s cultural background, strikes everybody lol. I grew up in the cornfields of Indiana near the Amish, we were all a bunch of evangelical hillbillies. :laughing:


@MrSquirrel you are a funny fella…and mysterious.

@Turnip People claimed what I was doing was satanic . I’m like “oh you have to decalcify and activate” nobody…nobody knew what I was talking about and they thought it was satanic… Then I started doing research and they agreed . I think that if you do that whole awakening thing then you’ll become possessed if the body is filled with darkness

everyone with a schizophrenic diagnosis was murdered in nazi germany. because they were viewed as useless bagagge that cant provide for itself. i believe it started in 1933 and in 12 years they killed like 80%. you can read it up yourself.


Sometimes i wish i was born during that time and just euthanized though. So it would left me spared of 2 years of hell from hearing voices, taking ap’s and depression.

We’ve got a duty to our species. There is no evolution without adversity.


I’m not saying this site is ‘too white’…but when Pixel and SzAdmin aren’t moderating, you can find them on a tennis court together. :wink:


omg! Not the illuminati and beyonce blah blah!

My friend’s ex was all hysterical about illuminati and symbolic imagery and everything, too!!! now she’s like that too.

She flipped when I tried to play Beyoncés Formation music video. It’s really sad. I’m like, oh lol you’re trying to preach to me about conspiracies? lol. My conspiracies are way more realistic, anyways.

I hope you can ignore these voices of negativity and conspiracy!

I was too deep into conspiracies as well, now I don’t really care anymore.

Appreciate it g