Any big plans for January?

Anyone got some special plans for January?

The only plans I got is house sitting for 3 weeks! I’m honestly pretty excited for that. It will be like a mini vacation.


No, special plans. Just waiting to see if all hell breaks lose on the 20th.

Have fun house sitting. :slight_smile:

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Oh boy… haha… lets hope nothing bad happens on the 20th!!

And thanks😃

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No plans. But my husband has been sick the last week so my plan is to be near him again when he’s better. I’m missing our togetherness so much. The good news is he’s starting to feel better



Did you get the Covid results back yet??

I’m glad he is starting to feel better!

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It was negative but my husband thinks it’s a false negative. Who knows?!

Aw dang… well that’s pretty good it came back negative… and as long as he’s getting better!

What symptoms does he have?

Do some grocery week.

Visit a shopping centre one day in January.

Same as I usually do.
No big plans.

Visit my boyfriends place for first time.


Well that’s exciting about visiting the boyfriends place!!

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He feels shaky, nauseous, on and off fever, headache, and body aches

I’m going to sit in my f house and do nothing. Too cold out.

Actually, it’s not the cold, it’s the snow and ice that covers everything that ruins it.

no plans for me, stay inside and stay warm, count the days until spring. 67 days to go haha. i have an injection on the 28th, so that is the only thing on my schedule for january. i may go west to colorado in february to visit my sister. so more looking forward to february.


I’m sorry to hear that @ZmaGal
Sounds miserable😞 hope he gets better soon, keep us updated

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Hahaha! I can’t wait for spring either😬

Ooo… that sounds like fun!

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Thanks @Human ! He lost 20 pounds in the last week so he’s been pretty miserable

Wow… that’s crazy!

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