Any bee gees fans here?


If you are a bee gees fan then you’ll probably hate this.


I like the early Bee Gees.


What do you think about this version of stayin alive?


I didn’t listen because I thought it would be noisy.


There is no loud distorted guitar or anything, it’s two acoustics being played, but is still very very strange.


But you might like this :smile:


No I didn’t like it. It was noisy without being loud. I didn’t finish it.

I was hoping for some twangy country sounds which I don’t like much, but they take me back to childhood. on Saturday afternoon, sitting on a newly-covered car seat in front of the TV watching Porter Wagner’s show while they put new covers on the seats in my father’s car.


I knew you wouldn’t like it, sorry it was noisy.


That’s OK…


That was certainly a very unique cover of the Bee Gees song - thanks for posting


I thought so to, just wondered what some real life bee gees fans would say about it.


Yeah I liked the bee Gees, but I don’t consider myself a fan. The name Les Claypool sounds familiar though


He’s a bassist most popular in the nineties.

He is usually very dark musically.

He is an acquired taste to say the absolute least.


Thanks pansdisease, I thought he was a bassist. I do remember him now. I bought one of his CDs a while back


I’m a recent BeeGees fan. I liked it.


Cool, i like it to. The part where he goes “hoaw, hoaw, hoaw, hoaw” really cracks me up.


@pansdisease listened to this song after a 6 pack and 15 fireball jack dani whiskey shots. Thought I was on some farm somewhere in my mind churning butter took a piss in the bushes and jumped into the cmmunity pool. Good song


just thought i’d post a song i like-


Prefer pre disco Bee Gees although i did buy Jive talkin’ when it came out .


I liked the BeeGees back in 1978, they made me laugh with his silly high voice.
That four foot shack cracked me up.