Any bakers here?

I love to bake! I made my mom a chocolate mousse cake for mother’s day, from scratch :wink:, just wondering new stuff to make, any suggestions?


White chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts? I used to bake desserts a lot. I got out of the habit except sometimes now I bake some toast for special occasions like Christmas or someone’s birthday.


I made homemade biscuits and gravy for my girlfriends for Mother’s Day


I was a baker, but I specialised on bread and rolls. Haven’t worked for years. Sometimes I make cookies and the occasional Christmas stollen. You need a pastrychef (sugarbaker).


I bake sometimes, I made bread pudding the other day… I like making apple crumble, Dutch apple bread, banana bread stuff like that.


My favorite cake to bake is German Chocolate Cake. I do a variation on it where I put the standard coconut/pecan icing on top and between layers, but for the outer rim of the cake I use milk chocolate icing. It’s a neat combination.

Serve with a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a tall cold glass of milk!

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I bake a fair bit, I especially like making homemade breads and buns.

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Breads are fun to make, my problem is that what I make isn’t always the prettiest, but it dose taste good😋

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