Any asexuals here?

What age did you find out you were asexual and how did this knowledge change your outlook?

Is this an appropriate question?

Yes I am. I found out when I was about 13

That is a fine question to ask. It’s a valid form of sexuality.

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I’m asexual but I don’t want to be. It’s these damn meds and their side effects :rage:

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I’m not truly asexual - I feel kind of nonspecific arousal, I find some people a little attractive, and I can feel intense attraction to someone for a very brief period - but I don’t tend to have any sort of lasting physical or romantic feelings for people. I do best with deep platonic bonds. It was a process of trial and error to figure this out, it probably took over 10 years of mismatched relationships before I understood. So I’m far over on the asexual side of the spectrum without being quite all the way there.

One definite positive is that sexual side effects to meds don’t bug me much at all.

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Found out for reals when i had sex. I just wasn’t going to do that again.

It is so ■■■■■■■ disgusting to me ill just not do that anymore, i hated that ■■■■ with a passion and i can’t believe people do it willingly and are proud of it.

The fact that im ejaculating dying people out of my body doesn’t help either. I wonder why the most potent substance on earth, stronger than heroin to the human body, is connected to the ejaculating of more dying people out.

The fact that i know this place was created doesn’t help either. All that i know is that someone put this here and they really really really really don’t want us to leave. More victims is what they want and we’re nothing but cattle. So that doesn’t help me want the reproductive act whatsoever, id never feed my own children to this goddamn place willingly, the consequences of not doing so would have to be disastrous to make me do it, something impossible to conquer is what it would take.

yep, asexual all the way. Don’t want it, don’t need it, and i don’t want to want it either.

I have a dirty mind, wild imagination and a burning desire! Lol. But once I really liked someone like that and found out eventually he had problems. If you think someone is interested in you, you should be honest about your sexuality. I thought there was something wrong with me.


id love a new girlfriend.,

Yeah can’t not like when a girl says something like that.

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I used to be desperately sexual. Age 15 to about 22. It got old.

I don’t think about it any more. When it happens it happens and that’s all it should be (to me). Imagination and all that. That wakes up in those moments.

Really though, the interaction, the mutual reading thing. The playing each other. Yeah I certainly miss it.

Someday… someday…


I go through phases of asexuality, as I see it. I just grow tired of investing into a particular style or person and then receiving nothing in return.