Any artists who want to collaborate?

hey guys im working on a track and want to see if anyone wants to help me out. Singers, rappers, guitarists doesnt matter! If you have any ideas of how i can make the song better i would really appreciate your help. Any suggestions?

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@zwolfgang @coldcomfort @jukebox @crocodile @Dreamer @patrick @anon99233869 @Toshiko @everhopeful

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I don’t know anything about songs/music other than you need a “hook” apparently. A hook is anything catchy that you put into a song and repeat. Sorry I can’t help more…

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thanks a lot @everhopeful everyone knows something about music! its one of those things everyone can relate to haha i appreciate your help.

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Couldn’t play what you linked. I rap a little and might be into doing a collab project. What do you do (the beat, rapping, etc)?

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hey man sorry ill update the link

yea i rap some, produce etc. doesn matter whatever youre down to collab on im willing

i just finished this:

@zwolfgang helped me on it too near the end theres a guitar solo


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