Any advices for new guy?

Hey, im new here, i decided to search for a help with a problem i have.
Well past 6-7 years i negated schizo, i allways said to my self i over think certain stuff. But it now finally hited me, i camt take.any more of fears of outet world.
I would kindly ask for someone to guide me into rehab proces.
Note: Consuming weed seems like the trigger of it. Eaven small one of 0.2g triggers fears and ovethinking.

On fist had the proble…only ehile.smokong.weed, now it.happens when.i am not. Last i smoked was 2 weks ago.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Do you actually hear voices or have delusions?

Welcome to the forum.

You’ve already found that marijuana triggers you, so stay away from it. It’s been found to trigger psychosis in some people.

Next, tell your doctor about your mental problems. He or she can help you find a psychiatrist or as we call them here pdoc.

You may need to see a therapist before a psychiatrist in some clinics. Having a therapist helps you learn coping skills no matter your diagnosis.

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum!

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You’re in for a long ride, but dont worry; stopping weed was more than half the battle.

Just try to abstain from it.


My advice is to see a psychiatrist. You haven’t been off weed for very long, so don’t jump to conclusions about schizophrenia. There are dozens of psychotic disorders, and most are temporary. The most common is Drug Induced Psychosis. It can be completely cured with about 18-24 months of antipsychotics and a complete abstinence from all recreational drugs.


Good for you for not smoking for two weeks and for realizing even small doses trigger it. Pot can induce schizophrenia and psychosis disorders, so you wont know whats up until youve kicked the habit for at least a couple months. Ive only ever heard voices (except once -but i was drinking that once) while or after smoking weed. Psychosis stays with me though. My current pdoc tells me drugs (mostly pot but im no prude) caused my sz so avoid drugs if you’re experiencing psychosis still. It may be too late, it may not be, either way drugs help nothing.


Here’s my list:

  • Take meds as directed.
  • Follow treatment advice.
  • Do CBT/therapy whenever it’s offered.
  • Do workbooks if you can’t get access to the above.
  • Make small achievable lists, nail them, make more.
  • Try to find ways to push yourself each day.
  • Keep a recovery journal to track your progress.
  • Keep a positive, recovery oriented attitude.

This is what worked for me and I’ve seen it work for many others. Welcome to the community!



hi @TierdThinker welcome, I’m new here too.

My advice is too see a psychiatrist if therapy does not improve your symptoms. I wasted years in therapy suffering from psychotic symptoms, anguish, insomnia & rage. No-one ever suggested I see a pdoc. When I finally did, the anti-psychotics prescribed helped so much I was able to get back into employment after 7 years unemployment.

My brother had a drug-induced psychosis from weed when he was 20. He’s now in his late 40’s & schizophrenic. I am too, I smoked weed thru my teenage years, I stopped when it made me too fearful & scared.

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Hey all,
Thank you for all answers and tips.
I started my own treatment, using my philosophical knowledge. I will explain what i did and how it helped me. So maybe it wi help someone.

I thought of anxiety and fear i had. And decided to start writing my own work. Named My Organon. Based on helping my self see what is happening in my.minde. i analized all effects that i had frpm fear to anxiety to anti-social behavior. Now is 4th day i am writing it. Explaining to my self ehat is happening in moments i got one.of named effects. Sistematicly tpuched each topic. And wonder that happend is, i understood why is all.happening to me. And somehowe the problems i had started to fade away.

I also started writing poems so i bring burdone from my minde to paper. Witch also helped.

Again thank you all for your help. I hope the idea i got will also help somebody.
Point of writing book is to “know yourself”, while " fear is product of not knowing".

P.s. sorry for my gramatical mistakes.
P.s.s. hope you all get well and progress to harmony!

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