Any advice on treating ‘internalisation’


When I was a kid I was very unpopular, and people, in particular women (girls I suppose at that age) reacted to me with disgust. At this time I was clean and well-presented, so their response was unreasonable.

I’ve begun to wonder if I internalised this ‘disgust’ idea, and either became a more disgusting person, or at least began to think of myself as being a disgusting person (shame).

I have some resources for dealing with shame, but I’ve not read much about ‘internalisation’, so if anyone has any good articles and such, or stories and advice of your own, then please do share them.

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I don’t know how to get rid of shame, it’s a concept which philosophers have pondered a lot about. Hope you get rid of it, i have a lot of shame too from periods in my life where i acted very foolish, mostly because of my mental illness

“From a phenomenological viewpoint, shame and guilt may be
regarded as emotions which have incorporated the gaze and the
voice of the other, respectively.”

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