Any advice on balding at 21?

I think i’ve started balding already at age 21. i have a spot in the middle of my head where the hairs are much thinner. When shampooing and conditioning I feel like I’m rubbing my scalp more when I touch this spot.

My father started balding very early in life so I have the genetics for it.

I haven’t even developed complete facial hair yet, I have a patchy little goatee at the bottom of my chin that I don’t have to shave.

When is the earliest you have seen someone going bald? There was a guy in high school who could have passed for 50 years old, he was so clearly balding.

Family members have been noting that I have a depression in the middle of my head where there is less hair. Is it normal to start going bald this early, before developing complete facial hair?

Any advice? I think I could pull off the clean shaven look (i have before) although I don’t know how to maintain it.

Use Rogaine for men. I use Rogaine 2% solution for women. It seems to work for me. I’ve been using it for years now. You have to use it twice daily every single day and never miss a dose though. Use it very consistently. If you quit using it, your hair will fall out. You have to be committed to it’s use. I buy it in three packs for economy. It doesn’t work for everyone. But, if you start it early in your adulthood, it is more likely to work.

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my husband stsrted balding in his twenties, he just shaves his head and rocks it, it helps that i dig the bald look on men


No magic formula. Unfortunately, these will contribute to premature balding; bad genes, stress, environmental factors. Hair can shed for many reasons: iron deficiency, thyroid problems, medications, hormonal changes, severe stress, restrictive diets, an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata and a number of other reasons. Common offenders are your genes (family history), hormonal changes, medical conditions, or medications. If it is related to last three, it’s possible to reverse. Treatments of hair loss depend on what causes it. Presently, we just have Rogaine and Propecia to treat baldness, but gene therapy is coming and of course you can also have hair transplants done. There are natural supplements, topical agents, just see a dermatologist and ask.

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First off you get your baldness gene from your mother’s side.

Secondly yes you do need to shave it

Thirdly even if you are going bald early all woman know baldness is a sign of virility. So it’s gonna be okay.


When I met my husband, he was 24 and going bald early. It didn’t bother me in the least. Even though I was only 17. I had always been attracted to Yul Brynner and Telly Savales, who were both bald as billiard balls.


Stay away from Propecia(finasteride), just read a site called Propeciahelp, it has a forum. It is though the most effective thing by far(if you don’t count the many times more hardcore version, Duasteride). People have killed themselves over what Propecia did to them. Doctors hand the pills out like candy.

Rogaine I’ve never used, so I can’t comment, but I do know it ages the skin and it’s a hassle to use for many.

I use a ketokonazole shampoo, it has a bunch of other stuff in it as well that help hair loss and it’s great for dandruff. It’s called Regenepure DR(not the NT version, that is useless). Most ketoconazole shampoos you can’t use daily because it irritates the scalp badly, but that one has aloe vera in it, so it kinda counteracts it.

It’s quite expensive and the price has risen a lot in recent years. But the positive side is it’s not as big of a hassle and it’s safe, you use it in the shower and while u wash the body you let it soak in. You need to kinda rub it in before as well.

Been using it for years and I think it’s helping, but I’m not sure it’s worth the money in the end. Overall I guess I’m glad I’ve been using it for over 2 years, my hair loss would be way worse and I’m obsessed with looks. I know it’s silly but I can’t help it.

For you, it depends if you want to spend 30 USD a month or so(depending on how much you use depending on how long your hair is, I keep mine short) on shampoo. You need to keep using it otherwise you lose all the effect it might have and it might take some months to work as well. Most guys just shave it.

If your hair loss is really “aggressive” it probably won’t stop it either, it’s not as effective as the drug Propecia but it should help.

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Aparantly lemon juice is very good, don’t know how accurate that source of information is tbh but maybe someone can confirm it

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Make a appointment to see your gp that way you can rule out any health conditions that might be causing it!

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Wear hats… lol…


The bald guys say to me, “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.”

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