Any advice for a vocal melody on this song

So Im making another collab track and I want to sing the chorus. My imagination is going blank on the melody or style. Any suggestions?

Thanks, heres the beat for reference


Also here are the chorus lyrics:

I will survive

All of these times

I was being reckless

And I thought it was mine

Why do I try

After all of this time

After all

It wasnt long ago

That I

I can’t seem to hear it, but I think the problem is on my end. The SoundCloud app is acting weird

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Hmm thats odd my parents often get the same bug when I show them and they use the app

I usually use the web browser one with no problems

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If you look at the link of SoundCloud post, they begin with “intent:” rather than “http:”. I would rather listen in the browser too

In my SoundCloud app, it always says internet not available. Which isn’t true, internet is working fine. Dunno

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What about this one?

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Same thing. I think if you’re on the song page itself in your browser, and copy and paste the address that will work

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I unprivated it. How about now?

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It worked that time. Okay cool

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Thanks for listening man! :slight_smile:

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