Anxiously waiting for my final grade 😣


So I’ve been compulsively checking my class all morning. And it’s only about 5 am LOL.

I’m currently at about a 69%, which is a ‘D.’ But I got an A on my last test. So hopefully that will bump my grade up a few percents.

The teacher has everything kinda split up into different percentages as to how they effect the final grade.

Please tell me things will be okay. I’m having some kinda bad anxiety over all of this.

Thank you. :v:

  • Monte


I’m sure it’ll be fine. You’ve worked hard for it. You’ve got this :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you major in?

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@LearnToday, it’s a class that fulfills two degrees. They’re both associate degrees. One is an associate of arts in liberal studies, and the other is an associate of science in general sciences.

@Nova Thank you friend! :slight_smile:



way to go on doing studies

hope the grade comes in soon this morning

and that you feel ok about it.



Thank you @Daze :slight_smile: .

It was a 4 credit hour course, but condensed into just 4 weeks LoL. So it was a lot of work!



Good job on that last test! I am sure that A will bring your grade up. Don’t sweat it. I’m sure you’ll do fine.

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You only need a one point bump if it’s a ten point scale. You got this. :+1:

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It’s amazing that you could do all that work in 4 weeks.

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LSU has intesessions between semesters. A regular semester is like 15 weeks. Intercession is 15 days. You do a weeks worth of classes every day.

I did it twice but I was much younger and not sick yet.

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I’m sure it will work out in your favor, Monte. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your support. :slight_smile:

@freakonaleash, I think it will too. I did the math, and I’ll probably end up pretty close to a 73 percent final grade. I just won’t be able to rest until I see it on my scores.

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Surely that A will bump you to right where you need to be!

Sending you good grade vibes from California!



Thank you all for the support and kind responses! :grin:

And my predictions were correct, I did get a ‘C’ in the class!!!

Now I can rest hahaha.



Good job @Montezuma!

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Thank you @disciple! Grades aren’t officially published until this Friday, but I can already see my final grade on the online class. :grin:

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69% is way above 50% so a D seems very conservative . I hope you’ve done well.

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I’ll share a story that is funny to me. I never received anything less than a b in undergrad. The only reason is because some professor lies to me at community college saying you can’t pass with a c in undergrad. I made sure I never received a c because I didn’t want to fail. Then in one of my graduate scores I had like a 75%. I was sure I failed and would have to retake. The first thing I did was write my guidance counselor freaking the ■■■■ out saying I failed. She said you can pass with a c. I was so pissed I could have gotten away with more slacking in undergrad and grad school.

Also I want to congratulate you on passing your class.An A test will bring it up to 70 even if it’s only worth 5% of the grade. Congrats!

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