Anxious on waking

Woke up anxious this morning. No trigger. A feeling of impending catastrophe and nervous anticipation. Usual escape route is to curl up in bed and try and shut things out but attempting instead to ride it out.
Cleaned the bathroom thinking that would distract me- no such luck. Rehab team due in couple of hours. Not really in the mood for them.

ya might of had a nightmare that triggered the anxious feeling, them feelings will pass they always do.

First thing in the morning is exactly when my voices like to play and my more negative feelings like to hit me. It’s an epic fight to get out of bed on some days. Sometimes it takes a few hours to shake off the negative dread and the edge of panic.

Try listening to music through headphones.

I had the same issue a few nights ago (I sleep during the day, so I wake up at night.) I kept hearing indistinct chatter coming from the window fan and it caused my anxiety to spike. That made the chatter a lot worse in a kinda feedback-loop, so I put music on and it helped.

I recommend classical music though. I find that when I’m in a bad state and listen to singing, the words can automatically come across as messages or warnings which is definitely NOT the desired calming effect.

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BANG! :boom: I thought I was THE only one who had this problem. I can’t listen to music with lyrics many times because it’s just more voices in my ears. I can’t take it when I’m not doing well. It just adds to the circus.

Hey, guys…it’s been awhile.

Firemonkey, each morning we wake up it’s like a computer rebooting itself and checking around memory of where you’ve been and where you’re at now. We’re most critical of ourselves at this moment so our sub-conscious is more alert to potential danger.

This more or less results in us being more critical of ourselves.
The best way to overcome this is to realize that you don’t deserve persecution and take note that worrying about ‘then’ is going to mess up your ‘now.’

A Pentecostal preacher once announced (I went to church for a short while at one point many years ago) "I have noticed each morning when we wake up the ‘devil’ wants us to feel as if we’ve done something wrong’

Now I don’t know if some of these preachers are secretly neurologists or if that is just the silly way he interpreted it but he was half right - The part of the mind that accuses (for our safety - We are existing in a predatory world after all) is starting to go back to sleep as well as do that boot-up check.

Every morning on my back porch with my wake up ciggy and coffee my mind begins the same thing and I say “Screw you, mate - I’ve made my decision as to who I am and why I became that. We no longer need to dig open old sores.”

Practice made perfect and it only took me a couple of weeks to get cognitive control over it.

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I wake up anxious every morning. I basically wake up in withdrawal from 5 drugs; nicotine, caffeine, xanax, Geodon and Propanolol. I first take a xanax on my bedside table, let it dissolve in my stomach for half an hour, then have a black coffee and a cigarette, then eat breakfast and take Geodon and Propanolol with it. (Geodon must be taken with a full meal or it wont work, it spikes in the bloodstream and then leaves without food, you take it with over 400cal to extend its release). I have just finished breakfast and meds and I just sit around for at least an hour every morning to wait for everything to kick in.

It’s sort of a pain but when it all kicks in, I feel perfectly fine and have a very productive day and appear perfectly normal and feel pretty normal.

I usually have vivid dreams and lay in bed sorting them out, figuring out what they mean for a while before getting out of bed. I look like a zombie right when I wake up. After my coffee I am perky. I just go through the motions of meds, coffee, food, cigarette and I am ready to go do school or whatever like an hour and a half or so, I get straightened out more quickly for my earliest class on tuesdays and thursdays. I usually spend my time on these forums every morning after eating and taking my meds, waiting for everything to get in my bloodstream. I feel a little sluggish, Im not psychotic or anything thankfully. By the afternoon I am perfectly fine and can do anything and dont feel sluggish.

But I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and schizophrenia, so my anxiety is just something I live with and take medication for, just like schizophrenia. I take a low dose of xanax, 1mg 2-3 times a day, it works well enough without making me feel careless or spaced out. I made all A’s when I got on xanax, it makes me less anxious and therefore pay better attention and perform cooly and calmly on exams. I have a friend who has text anxiety and makes stupid mistakes, I think he could use xanax. It’s commonly prescribed as long as the patient doesnt have a history of abusing narcotics (xanax is a recreational drug for people without anxiety disorders or psychosis. It just makes me normal, to he honest. I dont take xanax and get warm and fuzzy, I take xanax and can think straight and sleep at night)

The last time i mentioned the anxiety i just got told it was to be expected with the paranoia. There was no offer of anything to take. Basically just got to live with it. It’s not easy.

I usually set my alarm to go off at 6am then go back to sleep and enjoy the warm fuzzy of a comforter till about 8am. It’s amazing how little you appreciate a warm bed till you get to crawl back in it.
But if I popped my eyes open at 6, screamed “THIS IS SPARTA” and leap from my bed, life might be more exciting.