Once you have been on them for a long time it’s hard to quit as your whole body gets used to it


Yeah i cant do em mate. I will only abuse the hell outta them. Bloody surprised anyway they prescribed them - cos im a known drinker.

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I take hydroxyzine. It is mild but it take the edge of the worst. My antidepressant does the heavy lifting though, I take Cymbalta 120 mg. I also get ativan for trips because I have a phobia of highway driving so I take 2mg on my way someplace and 2mg on my way back. Obviously someone else has to drive.

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They can help some people, but not everyone

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I wouldn’t recommend benzos to anyone, in my experience they work, then when they wear off anxiety is twice as bad, and they’re super addictive. But I don’t like feeling sedated so could just be me. Cbd has helped more with anxiety even tho many people don’t feel any relief from it, were all different.


I have an anxiety dx.
I got vistaril once.

I started off on a small dose and now I take 150mg twice a day and that does the trick.

Have not noticed any negative side effects, but that’s hard to tell as my meds are a bit more complex at the moment.

My anxiety was so bad I was shaking, jerking and had nervous tics.

Literally it was paralysing to the point I took an overdose back in March

Since being on Pregabalin I have been pretty stable anxiety wise - the only thing it doesn’t prevent is when something in life goes seriously wrong, which I take the extra Diazepam for

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