Anxiety might ruin one of my dreams

I have met a partner Stephanie on match. I have dated with her four times already. They say the first meeting is the most nerve wracking. I managed to present myself well, and I really like her. She is six years younger than me, and she is out of my league. Today I was going to meet her at 6:30 for drinks at her house, and my symptoms are getting the best of me. I am starting to believe she is a government spy to learn about the things unseen. I am nervous about seeing her again, and am going back into my own world, deciding to never speak to her again. I have been lonely for a long time, and my heart wants to be with someone but the chaos in my mind is telling me something different. I am 38, and if I do not get my act up, I will die lonely inside my house. It’s been my dream to have a wife. I need someone to talk me down and make sure I go to her house today.

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Perhaps try one of these?

My anxiety is getting the best of me, I am fearful. I am starting to visual hallucinate which I have not done in about a month. I am starting to see wormholes all around me. I have been stable for about a month, I just do not want to mess things up with her. I am just going to never speak to her again.

Why? Give her a chance. Or at least tell her your not feeling well today and keep the door of opportunity open.

Please listen to your heart over your head on this one. It’s not easy I know, but in the long run you might end up happier. Please give yourself and her a chance.


dont take things too fast, maybe you need a breather, take care.

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