Anxiety -it can strike although logically you have had an ok day

It’s so perverse. Your mind conspires to dredge up things to worry about. Totally nonsensical, non threatening things like having a shower/bath tomorrow ,putting on some washing tomorrow, going shopping tomorrow.


i had an ok day, i try and not think about it but it affects me, like today it was hard to keep my head together at the clubhouse bc i was anxious but i just sort of dealt with it best i could.

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I know what you mean. It’s almost like my brain just automatically goes into anxiety mode for no good reason. I been toying with the idea that I’m somehow addicted to the adrenaline and that’s why I’ve always have at least some level of anxiety even if things are going just fine. Have you ever thought about that?

Hmm… perhaps you should explore these feelings without being afraid? Perhaps try asking yourself why these things feel as though it will be a big issue then wait and listen closely to not only your thoughts, but your feelings when the ‘dredge’ arises. Explore this ‘dredge’ feeling and try to define it as something else by your feelings and not your thoughts. Does it feel tiring? No motivation? Meaningless? This could help you define it better! :slight_smile:

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I’m constantly on edge.
It never stops.

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I have panic attacks sometimes for no reason. The meds and therapy seem to help though.

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I have had a great couple of days but last night has a severe attack of foreboding. I got out of bed and took a walk. It helped.

I was having a great day limited voices. I was waiting all day for the Red Sox to play. Now the game starts an they decide to try to ruin it for me. You never know when they will start

I pretty much live perpetually on edge so much that a tiny thing can send me spiraling in anxiety or feeling too anxious can make my sensory issues worse (I’ve already cried a few times just brushing my hair because the actually-minor pain just broke my brain). What sucks is when you know you’re being totally irrational but still can’t reign it in. I have control issues and can’t seem to reign it in on my own at all, and it gets annoying when the immediate question is “have you tried just not controlling the situation?” Feels insulting to immediately jumping to assuming I haven’t tried calming methods or that I haven’t tried to self-soothe at all before.

Yeah, for some reason I’ve been anxious and afraid all day too but no idea why?

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