Anxiety, insomnia, depression, hallucinations and delusions- should I get help?

Loosing touch more and more by the day. I can’t do homework anymore for school, and I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped on my SAT’s. College psych course is no longer an option as a result. Decided to keep a journal of my hallucinations, mostly because I’m having trouble remembering the less common one’s, such a the other day’s car incident where the headings became the eye sockets of a great big skull coming at me. Or the giant hand coming from a poster on the wall and dropping me into some abyss. I’m so filled with anxiety about telling my family and seeking help I’m starting to have dreams about entering psychotic episodes in public. Almost puked in class once I got so upset. Also, I’m staring just recently to have delusions again about Satan.I’m having trouble talking to anybody because I get really nervous. I know I should seek help, but I would like another opinion and advice from somebody who has gone through all of this before. Please help me. - Drew

Your feelings are facts but they are not real. It happened to me. it was devastating. But i am still alife and trying to actualize my dreams. Its better you dont allow it to hold you back. Move on in your life. Nothing will happen to you. The problem is that we are afraid of the future and the future never comes. And so if you don,t seek help, you will forever be afraid, for the future will last for ever. The earlier you know this the better for you. If you continue this way you may finally drop out of school, and that will not solve your problem either. Seek doctor’s help. The truth is that your feelings and thoughts are symptoms of Sz. You are 100% safe. I am sure of what i am saying. Each time you have such feelings again, dont start thinking of it. Smile and just know that it is the trick of the sickness. Dont allow it to weigh you down. The truth is that When you move on obstacles will disappear, but when you allow fear and try to retreat, the obstacle will take the upper hand. You have the ability to control what you think about. Wake up the giant in you. Wake up the lion in you. I am sure you will sure win the battle. Good luck!

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Get help as fast as you can. The sooner you get help - the less severe the illness will get, and the better the chance for a full recovery.

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