Anxiety in cars


I am getting to where I can barely stand to ride in cars. I get really bad anxiety attacks. Tonight was awful. Snowing lightly but it was covering the road. My husband drove slow all the way home but it was 20 miles of OMG HELP. I almost cried but I was too tense to even do that. Took a short walk after getting home to try to calm down.

I have therapy tomorrow but I am afraid to leave the house.

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I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. Were you in a car crash before? I too have trouble riding passenger when my dad drives. He has crashed before and I sometimes freak out when he drives.



I get aggressive-hostile when I’m a passenger and want to elbow the person I’m sitting next to.



I have terrible anxiety when driving or riding on the highway after I got into a car accident. I’m sorry you struggle with this.



Me too. I can’t drive or walk anywhere atm . Maybe my med change will change that



I have been in several. They were years ago and I always loved driving or riding after except on highways.

This near debilitating fear is recent.



I have alot of the same fears as you. I love driving but I hate to drive on freeways. Its too fast. I hate driving on snow covered roads as well. My car doesnt do well in snow. I need to get an all wheel drive car to perhaps feel safer.



Oh that sucks. Does looking down at your phone instead of the road around you help? I’m sorry to hear you’re getting issues, I only have them when I’m driving. Nothing in particular seems to have set this off? That would bother me, I always look for a med dosage or a diet change or some family stress if something about my usually predictable disorder changes like that.



I started having intrusive thoughts in the car last year when we got it. Last night was awful. I couldn’t wind down.


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