Anxiety hit me tonight

Having some real bad anxiety everything is tight I keep taking deep breaths but no relief ugh I hate when this happens ready to just got to bed I allways feel better in the morning. I’m definitely going to see my doctor to get a prn tommorow I need something to help me sleep to.


Are you on an SSRI or anything?

Yes I’m on ziprasidone and setraline

But nothing for my anxiety I’m hesitant about taking new stuff because I dont want to gain weight but my anxiety is getting to me and I want to be able to sleep better

I think you could talk to your pdoc about possibly increasing your dose of sertraline to help with your anxiety. That is prescribed for anxiety disorders. What dosage are you on?

I can’t remember right now but I’m waiting right not to talk to a doctor couldnt see mine because I didnt have an appointment had to walk in ugh.

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