Anxiety comes with schezophrenia?

I was not properly diagnosed neither received any medications for my condition. But I have signs and symptoms of schezo. I broadcast my thoughts and i don’t feel safe anymore my thoughts tell me that people are mad at me for sending out nasty thoughts… so I have anxiety now. Just why does it feel so real? Why do they read my mind and I cannot?

You need to see a psychiatrist who can diagnose you and put you on medication if necessary.

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I wish I could get the help I need… I lie to myself that it isn’t real to stay alive but deep inside it and it scares me a lot

Just go and see a doctor. Early treatment of schizophrenia (if that’s what you have) can make a big difference.


The best thing you can do is talk to a psychartist or therapist to determine whats up. Psychosis is a complicated thing not just thought broadcasting. If you indeed have it keep doing reality checks to a trusted individual, AND don’t self diagnose

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It could be other things than schizophrenia. You should see a psychiatrist. Medication will probably help.

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