Anxiety attack

@Montezuma I’m not sure what a benzo is… I know I feel sleepy and relaxed after I take one

My anxiety attacks manifest as muscle spasms in my face in particular my mouth and tongue I end up very sore the next day cause I get a nick under my tongue from it stretching out so far and my jaw feels like it’s been stretched out too much

Oh wow!

That sounds terrible. :frowning:

It sounds like you’re doing okay at the moment, though.

Take care.

@Montezuma I am. Thank you

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I take Prazosin for night mares or terrors.

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They suck!!!

Hope you feel better.:two_hearts:

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@Zilija1 I do thank you

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Anxiety attacks suck. I’m glad you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:

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@antidepressant044 me too

I had a major one this morning. That triggers psychosis nearly every time. Then I get depressed. I took my prn. I’m mad at myself in a huge way, and then, I think I should be proud that I made it that far.

I think I would take a benzodiazepine if my psychiatrist asks me. I am scared about that. I’m not an addict, but my family tree leads me to believe I may become one.

Is there a kind soul out there that will hug me?

hugs! from an old guy. purely, pure.

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Sorry about that @Twialine. I hate going through that. Just want a normal and safe life no anxiety or panic attacks. Can’t stand what I go through every day.


@JustTrish I’m sorry about your anxiety attack, if I could I’d give you a hug in RL but here :hugs: it’s the best I can do

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Hello @see121 .
I am sorry you are having trouble.
I used to have a “normal” life before onset of my schizophrenia, but I don’t want a “normal” life like I had back then.
Be careful about what you ask for.

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@see121 I’m sorry you’re going through this hard time I hope things get better for you

@Chess24 I understand what you’re saying and I know it’s not directed to me but I feel the same as @see121 I feel if none of my phycotic symptoms had happened I wouldn’t be in the place I am now and life would be better for me and I probably wouldn’t have the heartache of losing my daughter and so many other things wouldn’t have happened so I can’t help but wish this hadn’t happened to me

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I like hugs. Thanks so much.

@JustTrish no problem, any time you need one just ask… I’m like a squash huggable teddy bear always up for a hug

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But I would want a normal life Chess 24, hate what I am going through. I moved with my friend to a new place and still getting adjusted. I would like to see Israel too. I am living in California right now.

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That’s Ok @see121 . I am not interested in a normal life, I have other interests.

That is good Chess 24.:blush:

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