Anxiety attack

I hate them and one just got done… Can’t see to well… Good night


Goodnight @Twialine I hope you feel better

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Hope you’re able to get some sleep.

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Hope you feel better @Twialine.
Get some rest.

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@eighteyedspy23 @LED and @Leaf thanks guys it means a lot PS I did sleep pretty well and my eyesight is back


What does an anxiety attack feel like?

@anon90843118 for me my mouth and tongue goes into spasms to the point I can’t close my mouth and my tongue is fully extended I end up very sore the next day (even today I’m sore)

That sounds unpleasant

Glad your eyesight is back. That sounds most scary.

@anon90843118 it is unpleasant, painful, and scary mixed into one, no matter how many times it happens it scares the heck out of me and makes my heart pump really fast

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Yea i hate anxiety/panic attacks.

I used to get them bad, and if I became suicidal my panic attacks stopped.

Not saying at all you must be suicidal but I basically didnt care if I died, So the panic attacks became like a laughing joke in the end.

I dont want to die now though, and I do get an anxiety attack sometimes.

They terrible.


@anon39015889 I hate them too, mine are painful

I’m glad you no longer wanna die that’s an improvement at least

They really are terrible

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I take kalonapins and propanalol every morning to keep panic attacks away

@TheVoices I take propanalol at night for night terrors

How does it work for night terrors?

I didnt know that

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@anon39015889 it works pretty well I have only had a few strange dreams that scared me but I don’t have the full on fear for no reason when I wake up

Yea my dreams are much better atm.

Maybe its cause of the prpanalol

@anon39015889 it might be, you never know

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I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

I get anxiety attacks sometimes too. They’re terrible.

I take hydroxyzine daily to keep them away.


@Montezuma I take prazosin 1 mg as needed for mine and mine are bad too and painful

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I see. Is prazosin a benzo?

I’m sorry that your anxiety attacks are painful.

I feel mine mostly in my head and mind.