Anxiety and Depression often go hand in hand


Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. Many people who have one will experience the other at some point. In fact, nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. When you miss work, sleep too much or feel sad most of the day nearly every day, you are bound to miss opportunities at work and in life. Your love life may suffer, you may run into financial problems, and while experiencing a deep and overwhelming depression, you may have trouble keeping up with the things that used to be important to you. Then, when the depression begins to lift, you may realize that you have been neglecting your life; now, anxiety sets in. Questions arise, like, “What will I do about work, money and my relationship?” Depression can lead to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to depression.


I tend to worry about the future a lot with my anxiety and with depression I do revisit the past a lot.
I am trying to live in the now - a much safer place for me to focus my attention on right now


Didn`t even have to read through this-I already know how awful this can be firsthand!


True. But depression can also leads to delusion besides anxiety.

Because of despair from the past, anxiety from the future, delusional thoughts might kick in to help reducing the anxious feelings from the future.

Here’s why. Confess the sins in the past which lead to depression, and reassure the worthiness in the present which would lessen the anxiety.
If there is no significant accomplishments or strengths, delusion might be needed to create one, so that anxiety will be reduced, but this, in turn, makes me even depressed because of untruthful self-affirmation.


For me fear leads to anxiety and isolation leads to depression. It’s a long journey finding your triggers.


At one point I used to be more depressed than anxious now I am more anxious than depressed.

is quite a common diagnosis.


Lately I have been more anxious than depressed, but in the past I have been more depressed than anxious - my symptoms seem to fluctuate a lot