Anxiety about new meds

I just started my new meds for anxiety and sleep: 15 mg of buspirone and 50 mg of hydroxyzine. I’m supposed to take 2 of the hydroxyzine which would make it 100 mg at bedtime, and I’m also supposed to take another 15 mg of buspirone in the morning, but I’m too scared to do that until I try the lower dose first.

My anxiety is out of control and I haven’t been sleeping lately either. I’m worried partly because so many of my meds show as having major interactions with each other. I took them but I’m freaked out.

But I really need sleep and I really need to calm down. Sorry about posting about my fears lately.

Do you all panic when you have to take something new?

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trust it…relax…take slow breaths in and out…focus on something in your hand like a polished stone or crystal…stare at something you like…relaxxxx…


I’m trying. My mind is racing like crazy though and I feel like I’ll never sleep again. Ugh. You know, you’re right about getting something like a worry rock that you rub to calm down. I haven’t had one in years. @jukebox

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I am the king of anti anxiety…feel free to message me if you need some more advice.

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Thanks. 15151515

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Anxiety around new meds is normal. There is no real reason why you have to start both at once unless it going to prevent you from having a mental breakdown. A lot of the medication only work in specific therapeutic range so if you take too little it doesn’t work and if you take too much you get too many side effects. Also different medications can have different actions on recptors at different dosages. So keep those things in mind if you ever intend on taking things in a way which is not prescribed by your doctor. At the end of the day in that regard it is your body and your choice.

It is really hard to delineate the interactions when you start two things at once. Basically no one knows how they will interact but trust that your doctor knows what they are doing. It very unlikely to do anything detrimental to your health in a short period of time.

You can figure a lot of the side effects by reading the side effect profiles and reading your fair share of user reports for anything effects troubling you. Even if you are taking multiple things it is possible to figure out where the side effects are coming from it is just a lot harder and more time consuming to tease out.

It’s always a nervous time changing things up but can also be exciting and relieving when it goes well. It is good to be vigilant as it is an important time of change but assume it is a change for the better. Most other medication don’t have side effect profiles as bad as antipsychotics so I wouldn’t be overly stressed.

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I take an antihistamine for sleep too.

It helped for a long time, but with Cariprazine not so much.

Last three days is 3 hours sleep per night, but I got 5 hours last. Think that was more to do with being tired than anything else

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I took half the dose of the new meds last night. Turns out my pdoc was right, of course, I needed double what I took.

I’m awake 5 hours after I took it. Not that we don’t have pics of her,but if I needed to show a cop for some crazy reason, I wouldn’t have a redeeming quality as a mom I’ll take the full dose tonight

Interesting @Joker

Pdoc are right most of the time but sometimes the best way to learn is trial and error. When you try things for yourself it creates a different way of understanding things

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