Anxiety about finances

Right now I’m freaking out! I’m so scared I won’t be able to afford to take care of my kids and my household and sometimes my ex husband is a big ■■■■■■■. Oh god I would literally die without my kids and they would be miserable without me. What the hell do I do?

Ok the clonazepam kicked in. I’ll deal with the problem tomorrow. ■■■■ sometimes I hate life.

cool down i know tons of help that could get you up and ready. Like having SSI its always a good way out and a part time job for like 4 hours

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My disability through insurance won’t let me work at all. Disability through the government does. I’ll figure stuff out. I just got so freaked out. Major dental bill for my daughter and I’m paying for a university course for her and my van is crapping out. Just so much at once and my ex does diddly squat.

I get anxiety too. Couldn’t imagine having kids too!! Although I can still relate to the feeling.

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