Anxiety about developing delusions of grandeur?

It’s focused on grandiose delusions specifically, not the paranoid ones I had

Sounds ridiculous I know but I can’t get over this

Are you having thoughts of grandeur or just anxiety about being afraid you will

Anxiety only to my knowledge

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Anxiety can suck really bad. The best thing that I can do when I’m anxious is take a prn and then distract myself. Music, TV, exercise, writing; stuff like that. Deep breathing never really worked for me but do that if it works for you.

And then with the larger issue it depends. Do you have a history of grandiose delusions? Have you noticed any other signs of destabilization that your doctor needs to know about? Was there a trigger for this concern?

Other than that I don’t have any advice for this worry other than worrying about having a delusion might not mean anything at all other than that’s what your mind chose to be anxious about, and that’s okay. It doesn’t always need figuring out. If you can get to a point where you can help yourself feel okay then that’s all that matters.

I wish you well!

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I have never had grandiose delusions (at least what I know), I haven’t noticed any signs of destabilization and there wasn’t a trigger imo
Thank you for answering me

When you see or talk to your pdoc next, tell them you’re having intense anxiety. They might be able to prescribe you something to help you out with it

I don’t think it’s intense though and I dislike meds as you know, my problem is not anosognosia or denial it’s the meds making me ugly by making me eat too much and become fat

Those are side effects to discuss with your pdoc. Not all meds will do that to you

I guess youre right but the abilify specifically the injection made me crave food so i dont think other aps would be any better

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Also even a thought that I’m smarter than most people makes me anxious about developing delusions of grandeur even though it’s the truth

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I think that you either have delusions or you not have them. No point in glorifying or fishing for symptoms that doesn’t exists.

However, I think that you should get help with your anxiety so you can get it handled.

I know I don’t have them but I sure as hell don’t ”glorify” them

Where did you get that from? :laughing:

Presumably reading these forums, sometimes people are trying persuade themselves that they are sick when previously admitting that they aren’t.

Getting anxiety handled is important for everyone so that people doesn’t turn into hypochondriacs.

Well I got diagnosed, are you saying that I should go off my meds?

Follow your doctor protocols, but don’t try actively search for symptoms that doesn’t exist. It’s for your own good.

I never searched for any symptoms lmao

Where did you get that from

The internet can make you think you have cancer if your tummy hurts.

Not good to diagnose yourself without the help of a professional.

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@Genesis Having anxiety about having symptoms doesn’t mean you’re glorifying or fishing for anything. No one chooses what they get anxious about. I don’t think accusing anyone of that is ever really helpful and will just increase anxiety and potentially add shame. It’s just not really ever needed. Encourage people to trust their doctors but you don’t have to accuse people of faking which is how what you said came across.

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Not all antipsychotics will affect you the same way. In my case, seroquel made me so hungry I was never able to feel satiated. I gained 90 pounds in 1 year. Now that I’m on loxapine, I’m losing a lot of weight. Each med is different. Zyprexa also made me super hungry, but Geodon did not. Each med is a crap shoot. Just ask your dr if you can try a different AP because you’re too hungry on this one.


That happened to me too. @CoCo I was starving all the time while on seroquel. I developed diabetes and gained sixty pounds. Now that I’m on a different one, I’m losing weight with diet and exercise.

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