Anunnaki Watcher descendants might

Anunnaki Watcher descendants might tend to delve into darkness or occult practices more than others simply because they are highly perceptive of the unseen world.

I know many conspiracy theorists and Christians say Anunnaki/Watchers are satanic, a serpent seed, reptilian, etc. This is simply not true.

What is true that people who have the ancestry are more prone to dabble in things, including satanic practices because they are so open to sensing the spirit realm, which includes demons.
But it does not mean they are evil, or some kind of serpent seed. And, they can just as easily perceive God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as well as turn to God and serve God. However, even so, they will continue to experience all form of spirits and so will have a constant battle against the forces of darkness that is up close and personal.
The good news is that they are equally open to the knowledge of God which includes how to wage spiritual warfare against the demon forces.

The problem comes when children of the Anunnaki are misled to believe they are evil, or there is no hope for salvation, leaving them no choice but to dabble in darkness. But there is a choice and one that should be made.

Any Anunnaki descendants alive today in the flesh are hybrids of human and Anunnaki, they have souls, they have choices and thus should act accordingly…even the pure angels have the freedom of choice.

The nonsense of being condemned forever is something that needs to be overcome…there is no single act that condemns anyone, and ancestry does not condemn anyone…ongoing personal choice and core beliefs are the only thing that matter in the finally tally…