Antique coat

I just figured out that a coat, that I own…that was made in 1841, is worth 1,500 dollars. I think the expert is lying though. I think it is worth more. My grandmother gave it to me. Is anybody an expert with these kind of things?

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The dude appraising the coat is probably low-balling you. Is it a military coat? If so, it’s probably worth much more.

Yes, but it is a replica of a civil war coat.


I was right. Have you gone to EBay to compare similar coat prices?

No, I haven’t done that yet.

how can it be a replica of a civil war coat if it was made in 1841? civil war wasn’t fought until 1861-1865 if im not mistaken.




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Yeah, you are right. There is a note card on the frame of the coat that says it is a replica of a civil war coat. So it must be an army coat before the civil war.

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Are you sure the coat is from 1841? Sounds to me if it’s a replica, it would have been made after that war.

Yes, because the buttons on the coat says 1841. The notecard says, the button say 1841.

Maybe it’s a US Navy coat from 1830-1841?

No, the coat doesn’t look like that picture. I took a picture of it, in a thread a while ago. I don’t have it with me now, because my father took it, to get it appraised.

I’m guessing it is worth like 2,300.

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would you sell it or keep it for that price?

I would sell it.

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well good luck on finding a buyer, $2300 dollars doesn’t sound unreasonable for something collectable and so old.

Thank you ……151515

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dad got all these model airplanes when he bought his current property from the previously deceased owner. hundreds or thousands of them. he advertised them online and found a buyer who paid him $7200-10k for them. the guy was in a flying club and was obsessed with model airplanes. dad didn’t know what they were worth and just wanted to get rid of them, both sides were happy with the deal.


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