Antipsychotics slow growth and development?

ive been on antipsychotics since i was 15. im 21 now but i find it oddly suspicious that people say i look young. one time an uncle visited and he said i looked like a 15 year old just big. it may be completely coincidental but i feel like this made me think further into the suspicion that the meds have affected my growth and development. i also just started growing facial hair in the past year or two but still nowhere near people around my age or even those a few years younger

is that right?
I think also starting smoking early may stunt growth.
you think?

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yeah ive heard that about smoking. i smoked alot of weed in my early teens with occasionally some tobacco, the weed is what triggered my sz. i dont know really now if my growth has been stunted but maybe slowed. i am 6 ft and big but i guess my face looks young. i get carded everytime i buy age restricted items and one time a cashier at a gas station flipped out and said im a kid and refused to ring up the items so a different worker had to come and look at my id and check me out

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