Antipsychotics only treat psychosis, is it what u believe?

I read that all antipsychotics are only meant to get u out of the positive symptoms. Is it what’s happening to you?

Latuda is an antipsychotic and a mood stabilizer. When it got introduced into my med mix, I started getting my motivation back.

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I have found that my disordered thoughts (hearing songs repeating in my head to an extreme degree, being forgetful, having trouble concentrating on multiple things at once, having trouble with metaphors and such) have not improved that much. I still have some tangential thought patterns, but my hallucinations and delusions are very much improved.

Supposedly we schizophrenics have trouble with analogies and metaphors and similes, thats what I heard in this lecture

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I dont think so, there is antipsychotics which deal with negative symptoms like clozapine and … when I used them i was very motivated and had a good mood but for some other reasons I take it no longer so the statement you made is not right to the extent that i know.

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I read this years ago from a reliable source.
Antipsychotics don’t cure schizophrenia, they only treat the symptoms.
I am fairly sure they treat both positive and negative symptoms though.
I got my motivation back.

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