Antipsychotics don't eliminate or reduce psychosis?

Was wondering what others thought of this research by Harrow and Jobe.

My thoughts (1) Those not on antipsychotics have a milder presentation of illness? (2) An indication that current antipsychotics are of limited therapeutic value.

What I found interesting is the hypothesis that long-term use of antipsychotics make the dopamine receptors more sensitive to dopamine, thus causing more psychosis.

I definitely think that more research needs to be done to prove this phenomena.

Great study, firemonkey!



I don’t trust anything from anti-medication, anti-psychiatry sites.


Great study! Thanks for posting. I didn’t have intrusive thoughts until taking Geodon for two years.

You’ve hit on something here. In my readings, antipsychotics cause more upregulation of dopamine. More upregulation leads to not only more psychosis, but also a highly increased risk of tardive dyskinesia.

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