Antipsychotics cause psychosis for me?

I don’t know what happened but since January this year every antipsychotic I try causes psychosis. 0,5-4 hours after taking a dose a feeling of complete terror clicks in, I am completely scared of my friends texting me, my limbs feel as though they are controlled by someone and I am unable to sit still and just want to run away into the night. Also thoughts turning into gibberish in my head and I cannot block this off. It happened a couple of times when I was outside and I was completely terrified of crossing the street – because I could not think straight and concentrate on the road and see if there are cars passing by. Also afraid of just passing out and losing my memory. What the hell happened, I was on them for four and a half years but now not only did they crap out, they seem to be making matters worse!

Sorry to hear that, hope things turn around.

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