Antipsychotics and mood stabilizers with the mildest side effects?

What mood stabilizers and antipsychotics have the least, most manageable side effects? (Topamax doesn’t count)

I take Saphris and Rexulti with very little side effects. And I take Topamax, why doesn’t it count? I know it’s not very strong…

Eh I mean I guess it counts as long as it keeps all your mood symptoms under control? My doc says topamax is usually more for migraines and not strong enough for bipolar symptoms

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Also I’m thinking of trying rexulti, is there anything about it you like or don’t like in particular?

yea, it’s not very strong, if I were to go manic I would have to switch probably. But it helps with the littler mood issues.

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yes, Rexulti stops my obsessive suicidal ideation, gives me a little energy boost and helps with feeling a little more in touch with reality. (things seem real, not as much dissociation)

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but Saphris does the heavy lifting as far as my psychosis goes, it’s a great little medicine. And it helps me sleep. It’s terrible to take though, that’s why it’s not popular, most people can’t handle the taste.

I think it’s different for everyone actually. I’m taking Haldol with no side effects but most people do have side effects on Haldol. Geodon made me drowsy for a short time and then no side effects after that. I had no side effects when I was on Invega.

Unfortunately I don’t think saphris is available in the US :frowning: and I think haldol would give me too much akathisia. I’m on latuda rn and the akathisia is too much

All antipsychotics are harsh.