Antipsychotic question

Ok well here is my situation I currently take invega sustenna for psychosis and am transitioning to Aripiprazole 10mg because of sexual troubles with the invega…

I was wondering if somethings where to ever happen while taking Aripiprazole, like TD or get pre diabetic and need to change meds can I take another medication that ends with “piprazole” like the new one that will come out soon I think its called Brexpiprazole?

Or does it have the be another antipsychotic entriely different like seroquel?

Hi there @revv - I was on Abilify for many years, although it did not help me much mentally (everyone is different) it was very good for me physically - normal cholesterol, normal or near normal blood glucose levels, lots of akithisia but no TD - Studies show that it is pretty weight neutral for many, and it has a pretty good metabolic profile.
Do you know when Brexpiprazole will be coming out? Has it been FDA approved yet?

im not sure if its been FDA approved or not all I remember was seeing it somewhere on a forum being mentioned… thats all I know sorry

Thanks - I saw the news of it online, it might be different enough than Abilify, who knows

I take aripiprazole 315mg every day plus 38mg perphenazine and 25mg of clozapine. it helps alot with my thinking ability without sexual or over-eating side effects.