Antipsychotic medications while pregnant?

My mother took haldol while pregnant with me for roughly half the time (within 1st & 2nd trimesters plus some type of tranquilizer she doesn’t remember the name of ). I began to have issues at a young age with movement disorders (they are now thinking Tourette’s that was always overlooked) before true hallucinations/schiz developed while I was still young. The root cause of all the strange things I have experienced since I was a young child are thought to be neurological. It’s impossible to say at this point what role haldol played but I’ve seen reports of CNS damage to the fetus. I also had NMS when I took haldol myself which I found interesting.

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What is NMS?

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Oh that’s scary… Thanks!

Right now I am trying to determine some sort of prognosis for things unrelated to schiz. Weird things happen all the time, strange symptoms they know are a combo of mental and physical - plus multiple medication sensitivities that were due to an insanely unusually sensitive system. I don’t know how concrete of an answer I will ever get, but I am more curious than ever about the haldol and other drugs while in utero. If they caused part of this I don’t know if there is anything that can really be done. I’ve been consistently sick in one form or another since elementary school. Had haldol never been introduced I feel like they would have a better idea of how to proceed. Because no one can say either way, and my mother and I (other relatives too) having a genetic disposition to mental health issues, there is no way to say either way. It doesn’t seem worth it. They can think something is safe and ten years later learn that it isn’t.

One other thing I’d do if I were pregnant:

Take 3 to 6 grams of Lecithin-based Choline per day.

THis is the product that people I know who wanted to avoid schizophrenia in their children took during pregnancy.

They had to take 20 to 30 capsules a day (10 capsules with each meal) - because each capsule only had 200mg of choline in it:

Serving Size: 3 Softgel
Phosphatidyl Choline 630 mg

(210 mg per capsule)

Here is why:




That’s a lot of choline. Don’t you just piss it out if it’s more than your body needs? I take 600 mg of alpha gpc choline. It’s the best bio available choline.

This is for during pregnancy - and only the Phosphatidyl Choline has been tested in this application.

It reduces the stress hormone levels which impact brain development in the child - this is not shown to help already developed brains of older people (over the age of 2).

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i think it must have been only five to six capsules .becuase I think in other studies the dosage was only 900 mg choline through the lecithin which was was around 5-6 gms .kindly check up whether it was the lecithin that was 6gms or whether it was the choline that was 6 gms

Some general info on using antipsychotics during pregnancy: Definitely discuss with the doctor.




I wouldn’t risk it. Haldol is bad for adult and animal brains and bodies…and you pass it on to the baby…so I have no idea why it would not be bad for a developping brain and body of a baby. If I would want to be pregnant I’d try use neurofeedback to get off meds… that worked like meds, stopped my psychosis and depression, (until I quit the neurofeedback), still had side effects, but at least I see no way how these effects are passed on to the baby.

This is a super old post. My daughter is a year old. I stayed on the haldol through the pregnancy and still ended up inpatient for a couple weeks. And I’m still taking it now while breastfeeding. It’s been okayed to take by my PDoc, OB, MFM, PCP, and LC. So far it’s going well.

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what about the phase after delivery and before 2 years

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Most antipsychotics are rated pregnancy category C which means that risk cannot be excluded but may be outweighed by benefits. Two antpsychotics are pregnancy category B which indicates there is no evidence of risk to humans. These are lurasidone and clozapine.

It’s important that your psychiatrist and obstetrician are consulting with each other and carefully monitoring the situation.

Edit: Nevermind I see the update.

Pregnant already, back off dose quietly but most of the developmental problems happen in first 2 months of pregnancy. Take pregnancy vitamins too.

Thinking about getting pregnant, quietly quit meds. If you don’t talk back to social harassers (thought broadcasters/preach stalkers), sometimes they leave you alone after a while.

I’ve seen the ladies force-fed the pills and shots in mental hospital, so they have tested on some people but usually the chick was REALLY pregnant and won’t hurt the baby unless it kills it. Fetus is well developed by then. KEEP QUIET AND DON’T WORRY ALOUD. I would avoid stressing places…DO NOT ARGUE WITH ANYONE OR GET MENTAL CARE PISSED WITH YOU!!!

Most people are not told the SSDI pays a ‘family’ benefit. You will get 50% more on SSDI check for children…but not PER child. Is just 1 payment, doesn’t increase with number of children. Talk to social security phone # when you deliver.

Hope it helps. Would just think fate and try to relax like yoga or sewing. Xstitch is easy to learn and seems to calm, same with knit/crochet…Drink milk!

my mother when undiagnosed while pregnant with my brother and he came out with all kinds of problems. she was pregnant with me and took an anti psychotic, smoked, drank and did drugs. I was born premature and with low body temperature. other than that I passed all my childhood mile stones without problem it wasn’t until my teenage and adult years did I develop problems.

i’m not saying its safe to take meds while pregnant. but I don’t agree with pansdisease that all anti psychotics are bad for you while pregnant yes but overall they save lives.

If you are breast feeding - there is evidence that mothers need higher levels (e.g. 1+ grams/day of Phosphatidyl Choline and that it will benefit the child’s brain.

More info here:



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Doesn’t matter. There is a lot of good information here. I just figured I’d follow up for people that aren’t paying attention to dates. Lol


Doctors realize your prob still want to have children… And yes even all the atypical give some sort of risk, condition or illness to the child… Be it during pregnancy or otherwise. The key is to get onto one atypical Ap and just take that Ap, keep on it and stay clean and sober. Doctors are actively finding solutions and cures for these problems. Yep maybe the baby is born with a weak heart. But if it’s just a weak heart that’s pretty easy fix. Even surgery if needed is possible. Ask your doctor what drugs are mainstream and ideal its these that have best chance at long term health.