Antifragility- my advice for a healthy lifestyle

  1. to exercise intensely every day using varied methods of exercise.
  2. to take very cold showers at least once a day.
  3. to brush your teeth 1-2 times a day, preferably with good technique.
  4. to eat healthy- a diet based on vegetables, fruits,rice and mushrooms.
  5. be active cognitively- read, learn.
  6. have friends and meet them often
  7. in some cases it is better to be off antipsychotics or on a low dose of them.

Good list @Chess24
My Antifragility list is
1.Wakeup at 6a take a hot shower
2.Dress according the weather
3.Drive downtown and walk on the pier
4. Drink a hot cup of black coffee
5. Go to the gym and exercise
6. Go to school take art and language class
7. Go to church, pray
8. Make family dinner
9. Since Iā€™m interested in fashion
find a social meeting group in my area
10. Do accupuncture
11. Drink herbal drink

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