Antidepressants(for ocd) without drug interactions?

So far i know 2 meds which dont have drug interactions.

  1. escitalopram(lexapro) - No significant actions on CYP450
  2. desvenlafaxine(Pristiq) - metabolized by CYP450 3A4 but does not inhibit or induce anything

Any other meds for ocd without drug interactions ?

I dont want meds which increase dopamine like sertraline as they make my psychosis worse.

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Try glutamate reducing things. Glutamate level in brain is linked to OCD. This is why things which reduce it help with OCD. Not mentioning the name specifically.

I was on clomipramine. Try that one.

Saffron helped me. I dont know about interactions though.

Celexa helped a great deal with my OCD, but it kind of stopped working for me at the maximum dose. So I’m going to switch to Zoloft.

I have a terrible psychotic reaction to all antidepressants, so I had to treat my OCD with biofeedback. It worked, and I no longer have OCD as a diagnosis, but it took about 11 years of treatment. Fun side effect, it also helped with my migraines.

Lamotragine (lamictal) has anti-depressive and mood stabilizers and has A good body of evidence supporting its use in OCD and other rumination anxiety based conditions. Also not associated with clinically relevant changes in body composition and endocrine/cardiovascular deterioration. Only caveat is a slow tiration period to mitigate a serious adverse drug induced rash. this however is virtually irrelevant with proper titration protocol up to the target dose of 200mg for mood disorders. It takes about as long to titrate to target dose as a serotogenic antidepressant would take to begin working its relatively full effect.
Pristiq has a ton of drug interactions (over 620 to be precise). As it is a prodrug of venlafaxine (effexor) that is converted into the active metabolite in venlafaxine by… the liver.

also lamotragine was as effective and fast acting as symbyax (olazapine/flouxetine combination) in a trial sponsored by eli lilly (zyprexa and prozacs previous patent holder and manufacturer…

Diet + lifestyle + medication success here.