Antidepressant for negative symptoms


Doc prescribed antidepressant for negatives.
I told him I don’t have the courage to bath or go to work


Wellbutrin could help… which Ad have she presxribed…


It should take three to eight weeks
I’m on seroxat and it help my negatives


Lack of courage is not a negative symptom. Lack of willpower is. As well as lack of energy.


Lack of energy, sure


When I was suffering with severe negative symptoms, I would lack a lot of courage. My initiative was pretty low.


I take olanzapine for my depression/negative symptoms. It’s an AP but functions as antidepressant as well.


Good luck with it @Om_Sadasiva


Thanks buddy 151561516615


I take 40mg zyprexa too


I take only 5mg olanzapine
Too much more will cause opposite effect and bring on depression


He told me to increase zyprexa to 60mg for the negatives


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