Antidepressant for alogia?

What antidepressant helped you become more talkative?

Lexapro is the antidepressant I’m on. It has worked really well to dispel anxiety and a deep depression I was going through a couple of months ago.

I believe I have become more talkative and social since starting it. I still have problems with what I think is thought blocking, where my mind just seems to go blank even mid conversation, but I can still fake it. But I must also say that I’ve always had this problem and I developed methods of faking it a long time ago.

I wish you luck.

For me what you described thought blocking describes how i feel except there is no opportunity to make conversation. It feels like my brain is totally empty and i find it impossible to take up a tangent and speak on a relevant topic. Its ruining my life because i cant express my nonexistant thoughts to people and that leads to loneliness and low self esteem. It greatly lowers my ability to integrate back into society.

Mostly it’s the serotonin based anti-depressants that seem to help with the Negatives. Something to talk with doctor about at anyrate.

Are there any antidepressants which don’t affect serotonin reuptake other than wellbutrin?

The anticonvulsant gabapentin seems to make a lot of folk talkative.

I’m pretty clueless on meds as leave most of that to the Doctors. You could make a new post and see if others do know.