Antidepressant Approvals Could Herald New Era in Psychiatric Drugs

This was interesting because Lumateperone met their endpoint in 2 of 3 trials:

“The FDA gave Janssen quite a bit of flexibility,” says Todd Gould, a neuropharmacologist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “They only met their primary outcome in one of three acute studies.”


It is unfair…

If you mean Lumateperone, the FDA hasn’t approved or disapproved yet. They will decide by the end of Dec.

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I’m looking forward more to iti007 than min101. But I dont think insurance will cover it for a while. I imagine it will be too expensive. I have my doubts that iti007 will be approved because of a delusion or dream of mine. I have a delusion I took min101 in a past life and I had some anxiety or restlessness but I barely remember.