Anti welfare people

there’s a lot anti welfare sentiment around the US, my family included posted things about food stamps, social security mostly SSI. they believe there shouldn’t be government handouts.

We aren’t the only recipients of government largess. The government bailed out the banks from their disastrous lending policies in 2008. I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of overcharges in our defense spending on weapons systems. Corporations get tax breaks they shouldn’t get. There were times when I was trying to earn my living as a telemarketer that I wondered if people would rather have me on welfare, or calling them up on the phone trying to sell them stuff. For some of us, jobs like telemarketing were the only jobs available.


You can tell alot about a country by how they treat their vets, elderly and sick. The elite tell the middle class its all the welfares fault. Its a joke one big ■■■■■■■ joke and were all the punchline.


Welfare is only bad when someone else is getting it. Or at least that’s what some think. Everyone gets some sort of government benefit whether they want to admit it or not. Without social safety nets, the US would have rampant poverty.

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Lots of churches here are pushing the hate monger thing as new people who move here go nutty & horrible tragedies…Got lots of church stalkers bothering people who ended up on social security after mental care – being called a ‘thief’. Desirable females are invited to try out some of these hate monger usually big non-denominational churches to make voices stop but I can tell you these people are not even fit to socialize with because they are all answering the demands from wealthy dirty businessman who runs these churches like anti-christ. Seen single moms and old people tortured by these churches into being stalkers & screwing up their own family who got into mental care, ruining unwanted coworkers/customers even taking businesses to bankruptcy by not sending out customer billings for months. Is just the sniveling little, weak passive aggressives who will even enjoy messing you up and you may be threatened VERY badly if you try to leave one of these situations including stalked for YEARS and kept out of the good jobs by their nutty parishioners trying to screw you. Some church’s people were even hunting down old coworkers and try to get them fired for not putting short jobs on resume…IF YOU FIND YOURSELF IN ONE OF THESE CHURCHES, RECOMMEND A MOVE OF AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BUT FARTHER IS RECOMMENDED UNLESS A FRIEND WILL LET YOU WORK IN BACK OF HIS BUSINESS & HIDE YOU. Must NEVER put current employer on ANYTHING online and almost NO public contact in your job to keep you okay. You only give current employer if you are sending out resumes out of town or you are working for people who respect your work enough to hide you…Some of these church situations have reached bad enough mistreatment of some, these are NUTS. You will see people bullied bad by churchies and churchies screwing people bad, ganging up on some people…This is good time to leave or move, you may not be able to get out later. As far as welfare goes, if you ever find yourself in situation where you are given ‘WELFARE’ of $100 a person per month, you will understand there is NO SUCH THING AS WELFARE any longer. WELFARE is misinformation campaign usually used by republican politicians during campaign time…

Arguably SSDI is welfare, especially for mental care of targeted individuals/schizos whatever you want to call it. But, will you be okay if you gave up the check right now…One guy who was in 40s with child to support, ex-wive and trying to keep himself an independent adult gave up the psych meds, psych Dr, SSDI and went to work at Walmart. He started to yell stuff spastically like a tourettes, inappropriate stuff and he no longer controlled what came out of his mouth…Walmart fired him instead of having him unload trucks or something in the back. His mother went onto internet to BEG to find him another job…For whatever reason, this can be the outcome for giving up SSDI or some go get part-time job doing something, situation treats them good and they are offered full-time and give up the SSDI check eventually…For every situation like this, I say you have 80% of people who may have been screwed by crazy talking thought broadcaster employees (verbal harasser part-time psychotics0 or work situation that got hostile for whatever reason.

Some who try college after mental care are treated to a bad discrimination, screwed out of classes and forced to even repay Pell grants/loans immediately. Need your psych DR and disability support services to keep it civil in a situation with ‘stigma’ problems in community…Can be VERY hard to get off SSDI…

After 2008, local economy in my small city of 500k got so bad, nothing pays enough to get by any longer and sex harassments/work scams get many fired without unemployment. You know who is VERY blessed to get a long-term unemployment/SSDI payment and not living with the parents with your two kids, no man around and barely getting 30 hours at minimum wage job. Now there is no food assistance either, no diaper money and restaurant won’t even feed their employees…Economy here never recovered, just had more of the scum take advantage of people and try to screw people up as cops here ignored a lot of sex abuse stuff over last 30 years and all the other unsavory stuff stayed on here to use this situation for variety of things. Some look at this place for 2-3 weeks and moved after trespassing/theft from locked houses/cops ask if you are crazy and try to get you forced psych evaluation at your own expense…Need to discredit this one whoever wants to use or get them fired/broke/thrown out of area…

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